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miffed adj : aroused to impatience or anger; "made an irritated gesture"; "feeling nettled from the constant teasing"; "peeved about being left out"; "felt really pissed at her snootiness"; "riled no end by his lies"; "roiled by the delay" [syn: annoyed, irritated, nettled, peeved, pissed, pissed off, riled, roiled, steamed, stunng]

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  • , /mɪft/, /mIft/
  • Rhymes with: -ɪft

Verb form

  1. past of miff


  1. irritated, put out or annoyed
    • I was pretty miffed when Jake told me he thought my new camera was rubbish.


  • Dutch: geïrriteerd, op de tenen getrapt
  • Finnish: loukkaantunut, ärsyyntynyt

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